Embassy requests safety protection for Vietnamese workers

Dec. 5 --Viet Nam's Embassy in the United States has requested relevant offices of the U.S. Government to take emergency measures to protect the rights and safety of Vietnamese workers. The request was brought after local workers turned on Vietnamese employees at a Korean-owned garment company, Daewoosa, on the South Pacific island of American Samoa, causing serious injury to many Vietnamese workers.

US President W.J. Clinton pays official visit to Vietnam

President William Jefferson Clinton of the United States of America arrives in Ha Noi this evening, Nov. 16, at 11.pm (Hanoi time) beginning an official visit to Viet Nam from Nov. 16-19.

The visit is made at the invitation of President Tran Duc Luong.

The US President is accompanied by his spouse Hillary Clinton, his daughter Chelsea Clinton and his mother-in-law Dorothy Rodham.

Vietnam Embassy launches new website

The Vietnam Embassy in Washington, DC has launched this new website to help further the good relations between Vietnam and the United States and promote Americans' greater understanding of Vietnam.

We present this new site to the world as US President Bill Clinton prepares to visit Vietnam, a momentous point in the relationship between our two countries. We hope the site will help answer the questions of all who are curious about Vietnam and the President's visit.

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