I am most touched with your assistance. Unprecedented in my experience as a traveler.  I take it as an omen that good things will certainly come from our trip. :) I am going with a delegation for Roots of Peace, and I will be most honored to visit your country. Please let me know if there is a number I may call if I should have any challenges regarding the visa at any of the airports. Kindest regards and best wishes for the new year! J.


Amazing!  Many a country should learn from yours! Remarkable!  I am very impressed! Please receive abundant gratitude! Thank you very much for keeping me updated on the status. This must be extra work for you but the applicants usually are anxious to hear about this until we get it.  We greatly, truly, appreciate it. Happy Holidays in advance! Best. K.N, Y.K.P & S.N


That is a relief! Thank you, I will check tonight with my wife. Your help is most appreciated. I am sure you understand how nervous I am without my passport handy. Your fast service is also impressive. Thank you! R.B


Thank you! Have a wonderful evening. I appreciate very fast service. Very impressive! D.  


just wanted to thank the team at the Embassy of Vietnam. I received my passport with my visa and the extra money order. I was so grateful for the efficiency and responsiveness of everyone I wrote to regarding my visa package and the expedited attention and service I received. Thank you and all the best. B.M


Received the visas today by FedEx. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Best regards! K.R.M


Thank you so very much.  Your service has been superb! B.S 


Thank you so much! Your help has been above and beyond.  I greatly appreciate it! K.B 


You are the best embassy. Thank you so much. K.B


Thanks! I always appreciate your help and cooperation but I can't believe how fast this was!! Thanks so much for your help! Thanks so much for your prompt response and yes that timeline works well for me. D.L 


You are very efficient and dedicated.  I receive answers on weekends and holidays which is more than exceptional. Take a break and enjoy yourself. M.S


I just want to thank you for getting the visa to me so quickly—it arrived at my house on Friday, September 6! I'm not sure how you sent it so quickly but I remain very grateful! Best regards! C.


Thank you again for all you did for me! I really appreciate it. S.M.K


Thank you so much for sharing the photos and the coverage. It is always a pleasure to work with your team and I do hope we get to again. I always appreciate your help. Your Embassy one of the best to do Business with compare to all the other Consulates. Thanks again! Best. S.


We received the visa today at about noon. I have used the pre-addressed envelope to return the previous visa. We have been looking forward to experience Vietnam; your visa process and, especially, your compassion is a wonderful foundation and will forever be remembered! Again, Thank you! Sincerely. N.&R.F


Thank you very much. I am deeply appreciative of your efforts to help me. I am very much looking forward to visiting your country. Sincerely. H.Mc.E.F


We just received our new visas and receipt, and returned the old ones; thank you so much  You provided excellent serviceR.&KF.B


Thank you, Really appreciate your helpfulness and quick turn around on the request. This process itself is also very helpful for last minute emergency. I applaud having it available as an option. Q


Thank you so much. You have given us great service. The receipt will be put in the package with the new visas. We will send them out by Fedex Overnight. Rgds, Wonderful! R.B


Thank you for your quick reply and quick processing. Regards, D.L.E


I wanted to thank you personally for all the hard work you put into making sure the Neb. The delegation had a fantastic time in Hanoi.  We had almost no problems, and that's in large role because of your hard work.  Once again – thank you for working with us and making our mission possible. There is a difference between just 'doing our job' and actually being a kind person who wants things to work and makes it happen.  You went above and beyond. That I'll never forget. Thanks again ! Hope we have the opportunity to work together again. A.V 


Thank you so much...I must say that your process is much easier than ten years ago! A.O


Thanks again for your prompt service, you guys have been great to work with! D.M


Thanks for your work and appreciate your communication. I am very thankful you solved that problem. Regards! M


You are most welcome. Thank you for your professionalism as well. Thank you! R.C


Many thanks to everyone who assisted in the processing and release of the online Visa applications for my wife and I last week. We received our loose leaf Visas on Monday and everything appears to be in order. We are looking forward to our first visit to Vietnam and thank everyone for your assistance with this activity. Regards! R &J.C


Thank you for being understanding.  I worry about giving out complete numbers through hacking, and years ago I was told it was safer to do it in two e-mailings. You have been very kind.  And effective.  Have a great week-end. I'm looking forward to seeing Vietnam! San


I really appreciate your email in regard to the processing of my visa exemption. Your attention to detail and your keeping me informed is very impressive. Best Wishes. Thank you for your patience and your assistance, my Certificate of Visa Exemption arrived today in good order. I much appreciate your keeping me posted on the progress. I have (blind copy) emailed to several friends and family relaying your offer to assist them. R  


May I extend my profound gratitude to your Embassy Personnel in processing my Visa Application and forwarding the Leaf Visa to my home. This is my way of acknowledging receipt. Appreciated! K.T


I hope this email finds you well and enjoying your summer. I have been meaning to email you to thank you for your assistance with the visa and also I want to share the wonderful work we as a group  carried out while in Viet Nam. Thanks to your support with the visa, which allowed myself and a team of 35 volunteers the opportunity to be a gift to children and communities in Viet Nam. The ignited purposeful relationships between the participants, the children, and their communities through dedicated service. We are able to provide food relief to over 200 struggling family unites in communities, build two homes for  two single parent/ families, and furnished critical medical equipment to 360 children with special needs...and so much more. It was truly humbling to witness firsthand the impact our donors and supporters, not only with the children and their communities, but also the volunteers. Once again, thank you for coming along outside and help us with the visa. I will proceed using the link.  I am always impressed by your quick replay/action... best consumer service. Stay well and thank you. Mai-L.A.S MSW


I received my passport with the Vietnam visa on it. I did not expect that you used another tracking number to mail it to me. Thank you for your kind help to mail my passport back. The Vietnam visa is quite a lot beautiful. I am happy to have it on my passport. I already arranged my trip to travel across Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. I will see and feel the splendid culture of Vietnam this December. I will stay 2 days in Hue, 2 days in Hoi An to see the traditional relics and 3 days in Hanoi, 2 days in HCMC to see the modern aspects of Vietnam. Many thanks for your reply. You are always so helpful. I appreciate your kindness and informativeness. The tourism website is very informative and resourceful. I will check it carefully before my journey to Vietnam. I cannot wait to start my adventure in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam in December! The communication is always timely and helpful. You work 1,000 times better than your counterpart in other Embassies. I appreciate your kind replies. Your exceptional performance impressed me. Thumbs up for you and Vietnam! Cam on. J.L


Thank you so much for your time!  You all are incredible! J.


Thank you for the prompt service.  I have to tell others that it is really easy to apply by email with the embassy”. K.Ng


Thank you for such a rapid response. You are doing a great job! My wife says she prefers paying the expedited visa fee. As soon as we have decided on our travel schedule, I will contact your Embassy to let you know when we will be arriving in Washington D.C” J.G


Visa's received. You guys are awesome! K.W


Thanks! I really appreciate your help I always tell everyone here that your Embassy one of the best to work with! J.L


This process has been so easy and efficient. Thank you so much for your quick response. Have a great day! Z.G 


Sound good. Thanks so much. You've been very helpful. T. Phan


Perfect, thank you again for being so quick to respond and so helpful! I appreciate it! Have a good one! C. Cheney


This is amazing! Thank you so much for your help. The information on the visa arrival letter is correct! I will follow the instructions per your email. I was so worried because I thought it was too late to fix my Mom's visa. We will have an amazing vacation now. Xin cảm ơn! Best. Travis


You are the best - thank you so much! I got the visa on FedEx...  great work, and so fast.  I'll send you several more applications the same way we did mine. - You truly are the best  A. V - Nebraska Department of Agriculture


Thank you.  You've been very helpful and efficient. Fr. T.McD, Pastor St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church

Thank you so much for your fast response. I checked with my husband and it did arrive. We are super excited to visit your beautiful country for the first time. And I wanted to say, working with the Vietnamese Embassy to get a visa has been a very positive experience. Have a great day! With appreciation. A


What a lovely surprise to have first thing in the morning. You have made my day! What a relief, I feel like a big load has been lifted off my shoulders. I hope you will send it to me the fastest and safest way possible, I leave for Vietnam next Monday the 24th and would love to receive it before the weekend. I appreciate so much your handling this. With much appreciation! Thank you so much for the prompt handling of my visa application. I am very impressed, it took less than a week from the time I sent it til you returned it, beautifully stamped. I wish I could send you all a big bouquet of roses, or a big box of chocolates. You have saved the day- and my trip. I just came home after running errands and saw the package on my doorstep. I didn't open it right away, I knew what it was, I wanted to enjoy the anticipation. As you can imagine I had been feeling very concerned.  But all the time I knew the Embassy of  Vietnam would come through. I am so looking forward to my trip. I enjoyed my previous trip and knew I would return. Now I can concentrate on learning some of the language and getting ready for my trip.  This will be my second trip to Vietnam, I am so excited to be able to return. Thank you all so much.  Joanne U.


Hi, A quick note to say I have received the VISA leaf just now by Fedex. I am very impressed by your exceptional customer service. So far, the best experience I have ever had with any Embassy consular division! Thanks again for going the extra mile! Best  T.T - Ph.D., Fulbright Specialist Scholar, Organization Development & Knowledge Management, Schar School of Policy and Government


I wanted to let you know that the visa was here when I got back to Connecticut last night.   I also wanted to thank you and to tell you that I have had occasion to work with the consular services section of almost every embassy from Southeast and East Asia that there is and I have never received more competent, professional, and sympathetic service from an embassy than I received from the Consular Services section of the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington D.C.   You guys do your job and you do it VERY well. Sincere thanks and sincere regards M.T - Professor of Southeast Asian History. Dept. of History, Southern Connecticut State Univ


Thanks again,  you've been so helpful! Truly appreciate it! N.K Lasky


I am writing to express my gratitude to your excellent team in your Washington, DC Visa Section. I had originally planned to go to Vietnam on May 15 until May 22, the period which was covered by my current visa to Vietnam. Due to work schedule requirements, I had to change my travel dates to June 6 through 14. My visa will expire on June 5. In a panic mode, I sent my questions to the Washington Visa Office expecting that I might hear back from them by Monday (I leave for China on Tuesday, May 21). Your excellent staff replied to me and thoroughly answered my inquiries by Saturday morning, only a few hours after my inquiry e-mail! I will be applying to renew my visa on Monday and, it seems that all will be in order. I wanted to send this quick note and let you know how impressed I am with professionality, care, and diligence of your Visa Section staff. This experience makes me even more convinced that Vietnam is the destination for me, personally, to go to for tourism and to continue taking my students for site visits.  Prof. Dr. J.H - Marquette University, Graduate School of Management