Viet Nam's visa procedures





I. To apply for a visa to come to Vietnam, you have the following options:


1. In case you have obtained a visa approval by a competent authority of Vietnam (your hosting/ inviting organization or individual should request this visa approval for you), you can:


a) Apply in-person at the Embassy;


b) Apply by mail to the Embassy.


2. In case you do not have the visa approval mentioned in point 1., you can:


a) Request your hosting/ inviting organization or individual to carry out the procedures to request the competent authority of Vietnam to grant the approval and then follow the guidance as mentioned in point 1.;


b) Directly apply for an e-visa by accessing the link administered by the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam


If have any difficulties or problems occur while applying for the e-visa, please contact the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security via email: or hotline: +84.24.382.640.26


II. Processing time (at the Embassy of Viet Nam)


* Standard: Three (03) business days after submission of complete application with all required documentation and fee.


* Expedited service: 24-hour processing time (additional fee is required). Kindly attach an Expedited service or URGENT note/label on your envelope or in your application package.


III. Other important notices


* Make sure youcheck all personal information printed on your visa. In case you find any inaccuracy, please contact the Embassy immediately for correction.


* Visa’s length and number of entries: your visa can be issued with the length and the number of entries not exceeding that indicated in the visa approval by the competent authority of Vietnam. US citizens can be granted multiple visas with the length up to 01 year.


* Duration of stay: the length of your visa validity is indicated on the visa. You canonly enter Viet Nam from the date of entry printedon the visa and must leaveby the end of the expiration date.


* The Embassy reserves the right to request further information and documentation from applicants and reject any visa application without explanation.


IV. For more information, please contact the Consular Division of the Embassy:


* Business hours: 9:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M and 02:00 P.M – 04:30 P.M from Monday through Friday, except on Viet Nam and United States holidays.


- Address: 1233 20th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington D.C., 20036.


- Telephone: (202) 716 8666; (202) 615 4141; (202) 999 6938.


- Fax: 202-861-0917


- Email: