Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong visits Oregon

Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Nguyen Quoc Cuong and John Kitzhaber, Governor of the US’ Oregon state, have discussed measures to further enhance cooperation

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong met with the Emergency Committee for American Trade (ECAT)

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong today met with a group of US business executives to talk about TPP, US – Vietnam relations.

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong interviewed on CNN's Amanpour

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong said China’s deployment of an oil rig and many escort ships in Vietnam’s waters is a serious violation of Vietnam sovereignty and sovereign rights.

US House of Representatives hails Vietnam's human rights records

Congressman Eni Falemavaega of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs has released a statement commending Vietnam’s Universal Periodic Review

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong attended 2014 Seafood Expo North America

Nearly 20 leading businesses of Vietnam are attending the 2014 Seafood Expo North America in Boston city, Massachusetts State

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong visited Virginia

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe affirmed his wish to cooperate more closely with Vietnam to develop bilateral economic, trade and investment ties in the future. 

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong's Op-Ed on Roll Call: After 20 Years of Trade Relations, Vietnam and U.S. Look Forward

Twenty years ago this month, trade relations between Vietnam and the United States were restored when President Bill Clinton lifted a trade embargo. 

Remarks by Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong at the 20th Anniversary of Trade Relations between Vietnam and the US

Remarks by Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong at the Reception commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Trade Relations between Vietnam and the United States, February 10, 2014

20th Anniversary of Trade Relations between Vietnam and the US held in Washington DC

The Vietnamese Embassy in the United States held a ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the normalisation of trade ties between Vietnam and the US on February 11. 

Press Release: Failure to repeal clear trade barriers calls U.S. commitments into question

In failing to repeal the United States Agriculture Department's Catfish Inspection Program as part of the 2014 Farm Bill, the United States Congress has ignored its commitments to free and fair trade and its developing partners in Asia.