1,4 million jobs to be generated in 2001

Ha Noi, Dec. 18 (VNA) -- About 1.4 million jobs are expected to be created in 2001, says the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

It says the National Fund for Job Creation alone will help about 350,000 people find jobs and send 40,000-45,000 guest workers and experts abroad.

Symposium on VN's resistance wars & anti-war movement in Europe

Dec. 17 (VNA) -- A symposium titled "Resistance Wars of Viet Nam and Anti-war Movement in Northwestern Europe" was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from Dec. 15 and 16.

The symposium was held by the 21st Century History Association and the History Institute of Utrecht University.

Many professors and doctors in history and politics from the U.S., the U.K., France and northwest European countries attended the event.

Construction of the Tien Son Industrial Zone

Ha Noi, Dec. 17 (VNA) -- Work on the construction of the Tien Son Industrial Zone in northern Bac Ninh province started today, Dec. 17.

Infrastructure construction of the 134 hectare project will cost VND 267.5 billion (about USD 18.6 million). The zone will have 4 areas specializing in producing traditional handicrafts, textile and garment; electronics assessories; construction material; and processed farm produce.

Denmark grants US 3.5 million to support farmers

Ha Noi, Dec. 17 (VNA) -- Denmark will provide a grant of USD 3.5 million to establish a fund to guarantee farmers' loans.

A framework agreement to this effect was signed in Ha Noi on Dec. 15 between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Viet Nam and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

340 foreign invested agricultural projects licensed

Ha Noi, Dec. 17 (VNA) -- Viet Nam has 340 foreign-direct-investment, FDI, agricultural projects worth USD 2,272 million.

Almost all the investment has been for cultivation, fisheries, livestock breeding and processing and has helped the restructuring of agriculture and the creation of rural jobs.

The investment has also helped the Vietnamese acquire management experience and modern skills and intergrate with the world economy.

Vietnam exports USD 200 million worth of tea in 2000

Ha Noi, Dec. 17 (VNA) -- Tea exports will earn Viet Nam an estimated USD 200 million this year.

The tea is sold in 30 countries - between 40 and 50 percent of it to the Middle East.

But markets have also been found in Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium and the United States.

As a result, between 1989-98 tea exports were 186,000 tonnes, including a record of 33,500 tonnes worth more than USD 50 million in 1998.

Pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Dec. 15 (VNA) -- The domestic pharmaceutical turnover is likely to reach VND 2,100 billion (USD 170 million) this year, a year-on-year increase of 15 percent, and per-capita medical investment is up by four percent to USD 5.2 a year.

The figures were announced by Vi Ninh, Head of the Viet Nam Pharmaceutical Management Bureau, at a press briefing in Ha Noi on Dec. 14.

The industry has managed to record an export turnover of USD 11 million, Ninh said.

Vietnam and China meet on border issues in Ha Noi

Ha Noi, Dec. 15 (VNA) -- Assistant to the Foreign Minister and leader of the Vietnamese Government delegation to the negotiation of the Viet Nam-China territorial borders, Le Cong Phung, and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, met in Ha Noi from Dec. 12-14.

At the friendly, frank and mutual understanding talks, the two discussed concrete measures to fulfil the borderline demarcation with a view to the signing of an agreement on the Tonkin Gulf demarcation within this year, as agreed by their top leaders.

Donors indicates US 2,4 billion for Vietnam

Ha Noi, Dec. 15 (VNA) -- Donor countries and international organizations have indicated about USD 2.4 billion for Viet Nam's poverty reduction and development agenda.
The figure was included in a paper issued at the closing session of the Consultative Group Meeting for Viet Nam in Ha Noi on Dec. 15.

Contracts on Nam Con Son oil field exploitation signed

Ha Noi, Dec. 15 (VNA) -- Contracts for the Nam Con Son Gas Project were signed by the Viet Nam Oil and Gas Corporation (PetroVietnam) and its foreign partners, BP, Statoil of the UK and ONGC of India, in Ha Noi Dec. 15.

These included a business cooperation contract between PetroVietnam and BP Pipeline Viet Nam B.V, Statoil AS to build and put into operation a pipeline in Nam Con Son and a contract for selling gas exploited at Lot 06.1 of the Nam Con Son basin between PetroVietnam and the Lot 06.1 product-sharing contractors (PSC).