Seminar on implementation of Customs valuation

Ha Noi, Dec. 19 (VNA) -- A seminar was held in Ha Noi on Dec. 18 to discuss the Agreement on Implementation of Article 7 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (Customs Valuation) - one of the annexes to the Uruguay Round Final Act.

The content of the agreement and its impact on the integration, business and customs were presented for discussion. The seminar also touched on how to apply the import-export duties in accordance with the agreement, as well as cooperation between relevant agencies in the preventation of illegal trade.

Viet Nam's customs authorities previously played only a marginal role in managing and raising revenues from international trade. A UNDP-funded project got underway in July 1999 to assist the Government of Viet Nam to build the capacity of the General Department of Customs to deal with the challenges of international integration.

Viet Nam has decided to apply the Customs Valuation in 2001. At first it will target goods listed in the CEPT agreement, it will then be expanded to include all goods.--VNA