First 16 Vietnamese gain Certificate CCNA from CISCO

Ha Noi, Nov. 7 (VNA) -- First 16 Vietnamese staff of the Viet Nam Datacommunication Company (VDC) have received CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates) cerificates issued by American Cisco Systems, Inc.

CCNA certificate recipients have basic knowledge on the network and OSI-open system interconnection. CCNA certificater have been recognized internationally

Cisco System, Inc. established a representative office in Viet Nam in 1999 and opened a Network Training Centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

American Express donation to historical site conservation

Ha Noi, Nov. 2 (VNA) -- American Express has pledged USD 50,000 for conservation of Bi Dinh (stele) pavilion in the Minh Mang tomb in the former imperial city of Hue.

The donation is an additional sum to the grant of USD 80,000 that American Express has made to restoration of the Minh Mang tomb three years ago.

Earlier in 1995, American Express gave USD 75,000 to a project on restoration of Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) in Ha Noi.

Artifacts off the coast of Hoi An in auction in USA

Nov. 1 (VNA)-- A number of artifacts discovered off the coast of Viet Nam's Hoi An old town, a commercial hub in central Viet Nam in the 14th century, have been bought by museums in the US, the UK and Australia, and overseas Vietnamese in a recent auction in the United States.

Donation to victims in flood-stricken provinces of Mekong delta

Ha Noi, Nov. 1 (VNA) -- Intel, the world's largest chip maker, today, Nov. 1, announced a USD 150,000 donation to assist victims in flood-stricken provinces in the Mekong delta of Viet Nam.

The donation, which will be channeled through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Viet Nam Fatherland Front, will help provide the provision of two medical clinics, a school and 700 fishing boats and nets for victims in flooded areas.

US Investors' Association delegation in Vietnam


Ha Noi, Oct. 23 (VNA) -- Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Manh Cam received in Ha Noi this afternoon, Oct. 23, a delegation of the US Investors' Association led by its President George Russell, who is in Viet Nam for a visit.

FM Spokeswomen on significance of visit of President Clinton

Ha Noi, Oct. 24 (VNA) -- Answering a correspondent from Los Angeles Times newspaper on the significance of the upcoming visit to Viet Nam by US President Bill Clinton towards the Viet Nam-US relationship, the spokeswomen for the Foreign Ministry, Ms. Phan Thuy Thanh said:

" Viet Nam's foreign policy is one of independence, sovereignty, diversification and multilateralization of relations in the spirit of Viet Nam wants to become friends and trustworthy partner with all countries in the international community.

FM Spokeswoman: Vietnam protests interference

Ha Noi, Oct. 23 (VNA) -- Viet Nam is now in cooperation with the US to prepare for the first visit to Viet Nam by the US President so as the visit would bring about positive result. Viet Nam resolutely protests against acts of interference into its internal affairs and acts that do not contribute to the acceleration of the bilateral ties.

The first US life insurrance company in Vietnam

American International Assurance (AIA) has made new inroads into Viet Nam's emerging life insurance market, inaugurating a fully-fledged subsidiary to step up AIA's operations nationwide.

AIA Viet Nam, the first life insurance business formed by a US company in the country, is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City but will also run an office in Ha Noi.

US aid package to flood victims in Mekong delta

Oct. 18 (VNA)-- A flight of the Air Force of the US Secretary of Defense arrived in Ho Chi Minh City today, Oct. 18, transporting 5.4 tonnes of emergency aid from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to help flood victims in Mekong delta provinces.

The USD 200,000 aid package, including plastic cloth to make shelters for about 4,000 people, was transferred immediately to the flooded areas.

Another two flights carrying aid from USAID are expected to land in Viet Nam on Oct. 20, bringing 13 jet boats and two water filters.

Workshop on economic impact of Vietnam-US trade agreement

Ha Noi, Oct. 12 (VNA) -- The economic impact of the Viet Nam-US Trade Agreement and World Trade Organization (WTO) was the theme of a workshop held in Ha Noi on Oct. 12 by the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation (NCIEC).

The workshop attracted Vietnamese and US economists and diplomats, and Vietnamese entrepreneurs.