Vietnam respects Yugoslavian people's right to self-determination

Vietnam respects Yugoslavian people's right to self-determination

On October 6, Spokeswoman for the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, Ms.Phan Thuy Thanh, while answering questions from foreign correspondents about Vietnam's comments on the latest developments in Yugoslavia said: "Vietnam respects the right of the Yugoslavian people to self-determination."

She noted that the issue was an internal affair for Yugoslavia.

MFA Spokesman on comments from California based Hoa Hao Church

On Sept. 26, MFA's Spokesman anwsered questions from Reuters to comment a press release from California based council of Hoa Hao Buddist, saying that "five church members were tried and a demonstration by hundreds of Hoa Hao believers and one woman suicide in protest":


President Tran Duc Luong Speech at the Millennium Summit on Sept, 6th, 2000

President Tran Duc Luong calls for UN efforts for peace

Vietnam - ASEAN relations

Five years ago on July 28 1995, Vietnam officially joined the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). This is an important political event, vividly manifesting the foreign policy of openness, multilateralisation, diversification and initiative in regional and international integration of Vietnam. The process of joining ASEAN not only helps raise considerably Vietnam

Spokeswoman on Human Rights Watch comments

"It is regrettable that though recognising Vietnam's achievements in the recent past and welcoming the Vietnamese Government's decision to release tens of thousands of prisoners from detention camps, the Human Rights Watch report gave biased comments on what is going on in Vietnam," said the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, Ms Phan Thuy Thanh.

Former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong Passes Away

Pham Van Dong, former Politburo member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC), former prime minister, former advisor to the Party Central Committee, and National Assembly deputy from the first to the seventh legislatures between 1946 to 1987, died in Hanoi on April 29, of illness at the age of 94.

The news was announced today, May 2, in a special joint communique by the CPV CC, the National Assembly, the President, the government, and the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VNFF) Central Committee.

Prime Minister's Speech of April 30

Dear compatriots and combatants throughout the country and Vietnamese compatriots overseas,
Esteemed leaders of the Party and the State,
Dear revolutionary veterans, heroic Vietnamese mothers,
Distinguished guests,
Dear participants, comrades and friends,

25th Anniversary of Liberation

On April 30th of this year, the Vietnamese people festively mark 25th Anniversary of our national liberation and reunification. The 1975 Anniversary was a turning point, ushering in a new stage of development. It marked the end of the 30-year resistance to foreign aggression. It achieved our national liberation and reunification. And it opened the way for the whole of Vietnam for a new period of peaceful development and its rightful part in the world community life.

Additional 65 foreign-invested projects licensed in first quarter

Ha Noi, April 7 (VNA) -- An additional 65 foreign-invested projects were licensed in the first quarter of this year with a combined investment capital of USD 148 million.

Ho Chi Minh City topped the list with 21 projects valued at USD 51 million. Binh Duong province, next to Ho Chi Minh City, had 24 projects licensed worth only USD 16.5 million; and Ha Noi had four projects valued at USD 4.4 million.

Protestants in Vietnam

Ha Noi, April 7 -- Viet Nam has slammed references in the World Evangelical Fellowship's recent report which said " religious climate for Protestants in Viet Nam is still difficult. Protestants are detained, beaten and prisoned" as "sheer, ill-intentioned fabrication."

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Phan Thuy Thanh was responding on April 6 to a BBC correspondent who had sought Viet Nam's reaction to the WEF report. She said:

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