Communication coooperation among ASEAN members

The VIth conference of ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI-VI) was held in Hanoi from October 9-13, issued the statement on communication cooperation:

"ASEAN Satellite Channel

"The ministers agreed that the Channel would help promote awareness of ASEAN. However, recognising the financial concerns of some Member Countries in implementing the project, the ministers agreed to defer the establishment of the Channel. At the same time, they agreed to strengthen the existing co-operation on exchanges of television programmes and to give additional air-time for broadcasting ASEAN news, programmes and features.

"ASEAN Website on Culture and Information

"The ministers agreed on the importance of enhancing and maintaining the ASEAN Website on Culture and Information and encouraged its continuous updating, expansion and promotion.

"Internet Forum

"The ministers agreed that ASEAN should explore further cooperation and opportunity in making full use of the Internet as an effective vehicle for promoting ASEAN awareness.

"The ministers also agreed that the Internet Forum be held regularly with the objective of exchanging views and experiences in minimising the negative impact, particularly on children and youth, and maximising the benefits of Internet technology.

"Implementation of the Hanoi Plan and Action

"The ministers agreed that the national information agencies of Member Countries and ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (ASEAN-COCI) continue to undertake promotional activities, campaigns and programmes in support of the Hanoi Plan of Action.

"Memorandum of Understanding on the Implementation of the National Communication Plans to Promote ASEAN Awareness and Understanding

"The ministers noted that each Member Country has formulated a National Communication Plan to promote ASEAN which will be integrated into the regular information programmes of their information agencies.

"Reaffirming the need to intensify efforts in raising awareness of ASEAN, the ministers expressed their commitment to support the national communication campaigns by adopting the Memorandum of Understanding on National Communication Plans to Promote ASEAN Awareness and Understanding.

"Public Information

"public information play the vital importance for the economic competitiveness of ASEAN countries, individually and collectively, in the age of globalisation.

"Image of ASEAN

"The ministers, in a round-table discussion, deliberated on the need for an immediate programme of action to address the current image problem of ASEAN as mandated in the Hanoi Plan of Action.

"The ministers strongly recommended that in view of current perceptions about ASEAN and their effects on its image and work, ASEAN should plan and formulate strategies that will harness in a co-ordinated way available resources to advance and reinforce a positive international profile of ASEAN supportive of its interests, policies, programmes and goals. The ministers requested the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information to immediately carry out this recommendation. They agreed to review this matter again at their next conference."