Vietnam's reaction to US State Department 2008 Human right report

Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Spokeman Le Dzung answered question regarding Vietnam's reaction to the observations on human rights in Vietnam in the US State Department 2008 Human Rights Report announced on 25 February 2009:

We reject the biased remarks based on false and distorted information in the U.S. State Department 2008 Human Rights Report.

It is necessary to reaffirm that all the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens in Vietnam are enshrined in the Constitution and laws and respected in practice. Our citizens’ full participation in all aspects of the social life is the important factor of the success of the Doi moi (reform) policy. Over the past years, Vietnam has won worldwide recognition on its achievements in ensuring human rights in all civil, political, economic, cultural and social fields.
The State of Vietnam always respects citizens’ rights to freedom and democracy, and ensures the favourable conditions for them to exercise their rights. However, the abuse of these rights to infringe on the State’s interests, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and citizens shall be resolutely dealt with.

We are of the view that the U.S. should adopt an objective and comprehensive approach on the two countries’ differences in the field of human rights through dialogue and listening in the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, taking into account each country’s historical, economic, cultural and social particularities, thus enhancing mutual understanding.