Vietnam-US develop relationship thrives

(VNA) Vietnam and the United States are enjoying an excellent period of bilateral relations, stated the Vietnamese Ambassador to the US, Le Cong Phung, at a workshop in Washington on September 14.

Vietnam ’s level of development, its cooperation and friendly relations over the last few years have benefited both countries and contributed to ensure peace and stability in Southeast Asia and East Asia , Phung told a workshop on Vietnamese-US relations, held by the East-West Centre in collaboration with the US Business Council, the Vietnamese Embassy and Office of Senator Jim Webb.

Senator Webb, who is the Chairman of the East Asia & Pacific Affairs Sub-committee, part of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said that relations between Vietnam and the US offer many opportunities for joint-working, economic development, cultural exchanges and maintaining a balance in the region.

It is important that both parties discuss mutual opportunities, resolve their differences, and work together to build up stronger ties between the two nations, said the Senator.

In his speech, Vietnam ’s former Minister of Trade Truong Dinh Tuyen, who was previously in charge of Vietnam ’s trade negotiations with the US , recalled the milestones in the two countries bilateral relationship since they resumed diplomatic ties in 1995.

Cooperation has been increased in various areas such as science and technology, education, health care, research on climate change, English-language training for Vietnamese military officers and initial steps taken on cooperating in defence, said Tuyen.

He reported on three major breakthroughs that have accelerated Vietnam’s economic reforms, while integrating with other regional and global economies, including forming common economic institutions and creating a healthier competitive environment for various economic sectors and administrative reforms, while developing the country’s human resources and upgrading its infrastructure.

According to Tuyen, to achieve this, Vietnam has created an ideal environment for investors and businesses in the hope of attracting more American companies coming to Vietnam . He said he believed in the future of Vietnam-US relation.

A representative from the US Department of State, Yoe Yun underlined Vietnam ’s role in regional and international forums, including the East Asian Summit (EAS) as well as cooperation between the US and Vietnam and other countries in the Mekong Lower Basin Committee, originally initiated by the US .

The US and Vietnam have held regular talks on other issues relating to democracy and human rights, according to the US official.

Le Van Bang, Vietnam ’s first ambassador to the US reviewed milestones in Vietnam-US relationship since early 1990s and called on the US to continue its support for Vietnam and its sovereignty.

Also at the workshop, Tami Overby, Deputy Head of the US Business Council for Asia, said that US businesses were pleased with Vietnam ’s role within the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, describing it as evidence of Vietnam opening up and integrating into the global economy./.