Vietnam to promote closer ties with US

(VNA) Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong launched a two-day programme titled “Meet Vietnam” in San Francisco , California , on Nov. 15, which aims to promote cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between both countries.

The programme includes a series of cultural events, investment promotions and joint educational activities between the two countries.

At the opening ceremony, Deputy PM Trong said that this is the first time such a big delegation from Vietnam , which includes 300 members, has gone to California , one of the US ’s economic, financial and hi-tech centres and also the new homeland for hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese expats.

The government official stressed that the Vietnamese government sees the trip as an excellent way of cementing relations with California and added that it would give a big impetus to boosting ties with the US as a whole.

He said the event is especially significant as both countries have recorded significant progress since they established diplomatic ties in 1995.

He also said that the visit will help the overseas Vietnamese in California to get better access to information about the development of their homeland, as well as strengthening ties with the US.

As part of the programme, an exhibition portraying Vietnam’s culture and a concert of traditional and modern tunes also took place.

A forum to promote investments and a seminar on education are scheduled to be held on Nov. 16./.