Vietnam to open general consulate in Houston

(VNA) A Vietnamese mission, led by Le Dung, former spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, has arrived in Houston city of Texas state, the US, to prepare for the opening of another Vietnamese general consulate in the country.
Dung, who has been appointed as the head of the Vietnamese General Consulate in Houston city, met with the US Department of State representative in Houston, Betty Mc Cutchan, shortly after his arrival to ask for the representative’s coordination in the preparations.
Dung said the Vietnamese General Consulate in Houston is likely to be inaugurated no later than September.
The new general consulate in Houston, Vietnam second after another in San Francisco in California, will mark a new step forward in Vietnam-US relations. It is expected to boost the economic, trade, investment, cultural and education relations between Vietnamese and US partners.
The opening of a general consulate in the biggest city of Texas, home to many Vietnamese-American people, will also create a direct link between the overseas Vietnamese community in the US with the homeland, as well as provide more favourable conditions for dealing with issues related to overseas Vietnamese in Texas and the US./.