US House of Representatives Supports President Clinton's Decision on Jackson Vanik Waiver Extension

The US House of Representatives on August 3rd voted 297 to 130 to endorse President Clinton's decision to extend the waiver of Jackson-Vanik amendment for Vietnam. Compared to the 1998 vote (260 to 163) this time there were 37 more congressmen supporting the President.

We welcome that outcome which can be viewed as a steppingstone in the path of improved relations between the United States and Vietnam. Meanwhile, it is a necessary step toward the full normalization of trade relations with the signing and the approval of the Bilateral Trade Agreement.

So far, Vietnam has shown great cooperation with the United States on a wide range of issues of mutual concern, among them the accounting for servicemen missing during the Vietnam war, the Orderly Departure Program (ODP) to resettle certain Vietnamese in the U.S, fight narcotic trafficking and crimes. We are continuing to move toward promoting relations between the two countries in the interest of both sides as well as of the peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.