US firms to develop relations with Vietnamese partners

(VNA) Washington Laboratories, Ltd., and others want to develop partnerships and form long-term relationships that can both benefit Vietnam and create sustainable business relations with Vietnamese partners, said the company’s president.

Michael F. Violette told a Washington DC-based VNA correspondent on May 5 that those companies will join an environmental trade mission to Vietnam this May to attend the Vietnam Environmental Forum.

Sharing the view with Violette, Peter R Gourlay, President of the Maryland-Asia Environmental Partnership, said Vietnam is a place of special interest and an amazing place, not only for its people and food, but also for being a potential place to invest in.

Washington Laboratories, Ltd. and the Maryland-Asia Environmental Partnership are co-organisers of the forum, which is scheduled to be held in Hanoi on May 25 and Ho Chi Minh City on May 27. The forum is designed to provide a showcase of models, technologies and applications from the US environmental industry that can benefit Vietnam ’s economic development goals.

tienminh__maryland.jpgAt a reception held in Washington DC on May 5 for US environmental trade mission leaving for Vietnam for the above-said forum, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US Nguyen Tien Minh said that it's the right time for the mission to go to Vietnam because the Vietnam-US relations are developing and expanding beyond the political, economic, commercial, military and educational cooperation and environmental protection has become more important to Vietnam's economic development.

The President of Marryland-based Washington Laboratories, Ltd., said: "We are interested in helping Vietnam addressing environmental issues during the country’s development of economy. The concerns I have noticed that are being addressed by the Vietnamese government is to improve general quality of environtment in Vietnam. Balancing the economic development with the need of environment protection is a challenge."/