State leader receives US ex-president Carter

(VNA) State President Nguyen Minh Triet on Nov. 18 received former US President Jimmy Carter and his wife who were in Vietnam to launch a campaign in which volunteers build houses for the poor. President Triet applauded the assistance from Carter, his wife Rosalynn and the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) for the project to build homes for poor families. Vietnam welcomes and creates all favourable conditions for international organisations, including HFHI, to perform charitable humanitarian activities in the country, he said. The State leader said the former US presidents’ performance of humanitarian activities in Vietnam is of great significance, adding that former President Bill Clinton once visited Vietnam to help the nation carry out a project to clear bombs and mines left over from the war. Vietnam is still facing heavy consequences from the war and there remain a lot of poor people and victims of Agent Orange/dioxin in the country, he said. With international support, Vietnam spares no effort to improve the living conditions of the people. The country wishes to join the international community to build a peaceful and stable world, President Triet elaborated. The President said he hoped that, with his prestige, Carter will inspire more efforts to assist the poor, and work with the government of President Barack Obama to conduct a new approach to global issues to ensure that the world develops peacefully and that all people lead a happy life. Carter said the construction of houses for the poor reflects the friendship and cooperation between the US and Vietnamese people. He also said he was impressed at Vietnam’s dynamic development. The former President said he and his wife Rosalynn have devoted a week a year to programmes run by HFHI, an Atlanta-based non-profit organisation which helps provide homes for the poor in the US and elsewhere. This year they are visiting the countries of the Mekong Basin - Thailand, Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos and China .