Spokeswoman on Congressional Resolution 295

Ha Noi, May 4 -- Spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry Mme Phan Thuy Thanh, referring to the House's May 3 resolution calling for the release of all religious and political prisoners in Viet Nam and a removal of the 4th provision of the country's Constitution, said the US House of Representatives made an impudent interference into Viet Nam's internal affairs and a violation of international law.

Answering a relevant question raised by Radio The Voice of Viet Nam, she stressed:

"By passing the resolution while the entire Vietnamese people and their international friends were happily marking 25 years of the end of a war against foreign aggression and for national reunification, the US House of Representatives has proved itself out of tune. Worse, it has made an impudent interference into Viet Nam's internal affairs and run counter to the basic principles of international law.

The resolution is merely a repeated fabrication that has been rejected more than once by the Vietnamese Government. She said the Vietnamese people know exactly what to do to develop and defend their native country without any proposal from the US House of Representatives.

We are wondering whether the US House of Representatives will accept a demand from any other country to change its own political system.

The Vietnamese constitution has demonstrated the Vietnamese people's will and aspirations. It has been raised for public discussion and passed by the National Assembly. The Communist Party of Viet Nam (CPV)'s leadership, as written down in the constitution, has been recognized by the Vietnamese people and is their own choice.

The CPV has proved its leading role over the past 70 years. The Party has led the entire nation to uphold the banner for national independence and socialism, overcome all difficulties and hardships, record great achievements, thus bringing the August Revolution to the final victory in 1945, and resulting in the birth of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, the first independent government in Southeast Asia. The Party has also led the entire people to the final victory over hostile forces in their two great wars of resistance, that led to the liberation of the southern part of the country and to national reunification in 1975.

It is the Communist Party of Viet Nam who has promoted and successfully led the current renovation in Viet Nam, which has helped the country's overhaul and has been highly valued by the world public."