Apply for visa in person or by mail


I. To apply in person or by mail, the applicant is required to submit the following documents:


1. 01 application form: you can download the form (click here) and fill it out by hand or use paper application forms available at the Embassy upon your submission.


2. Passport (the original for a sticker-visa application OR a copy of the ID page for a loose-leaf visa application) with at least 06 months of validity prior to the proposed date of entry into Viet Nam to meet airlines’ and immigration requirements).


3. Photo: one (1) 2x2 inch identical photo if the original passport is submitted for a sticker visa OR two (2) 2x2 inch identical photos if a copy of the passport is submitted for a loose-leaf visa.


4. Visa Approval Letter of  Immigration Department in Vietnam (if already granted).


5. Visa fees: paid by Visa Card/Master Card for in-person application at the Embassy, or in the form of money order/ cashier's check/company check payable to "EMBASSY OF VIET NAM".


6. Other supporting documents (if any): copy of visa approval document or provision of visa approval reference number issued by the relevant authority of Viet Nam; invitation letter from sponsor/host etc.


7. If you wish to receive your passport and/or visa sent back to your mailing address by mail: 01 prepaid self-addressed return envelope. To ensure safe delivery of your application package and visa, it is recommended that you use certified mail service offered by USPS, UPS and FedEx with tracking number to check on delivery status. The Embassy shall not be responsible for any loss of documents due to insecure and uncertified mailing service. In case you do not bring along a prepaid return envelope upon submission of visa application at the Embassy, you may use FedEx envelopes available at the Embassy and are required to pay for the additional mailing service.


II. Processing time

1. If applicant hasn't had the letter of approval: Five (05) working days after submission of complete application with all required documentation and fee

* Expedited service: 1 (one) to 4 (four) working days upon applicant's request. In case applying by mail, kindly attach an Expedited service or URGENT note/label on your envelope or in your application package.


2. If applicant already had the letter of approval: Three (03) business days after submission of complete application with all required documentation and fee.

* Expedited service: 24-hour processing time (additional fee is required). Kindly attach an Expedited service or URGENT note/label on your envelope or in your application package.

*Note: Above processing time is for picking up at the Embassy. It takes one more working day for the applicant to receive the visa by return mail (normally the Embassy will send by Overnight Service of FEDEX)


III. Other important notices


* Upon receiving your visa issued by the Embassy, kindly double check all personal information printed on your visa. In case of inaccurate personal information, please contact the Embassy immediately for correction or adjustments (fees may be applied for amendments of visas due to applicants' inadvertent errors).


* For diplomatic and official passport holder, you can apply in person or by mail (online or email application is not applicable). Diplomatic and official visas will be issued GRATIS (free of charge) unless otherwise agreed upon between Viet Nam and the applicant's country. In addition to documents specified in Part I, the applicant is requested to submit a visa approval number, a diplomatic note, or an official letter from the relevant agencies of the United States Government, Diplomatic Missions and international organizations accredited to the United States.


* The cost for visa includes visa approval fee, processing and handling fee, postal service and expedite service (if required). Visa fees vary depending on type of visa, duration of stay and type of service (standard or expedite). Please contact the Consular Division for further information.


* If you travel in a group: combined payment can be made in one money order or check for the whole group (two applicants or more). All applications can be sent in one envelope and the visas can be sent back in one return envelope.


* Duration of stay: visa will be valid from the date of entry provided on your application and printed on the visa. You may enter ON or AFTER the date of entry given on the visa and is expected to leave before the end of the expiration date.


* For travelers with 12-month visa: The Customs and Border Protection Authority at the port of entry into Vietnam determines the length of each authorized stay within the 12-month duration.


* Online visa: As the Embassy cannot confirm the reliability of online visa services offered by many companies on the Internet, it is strongly recommended that travelers obtain suitable visas prior to their trip to Viet Nam. There have been reported cases of fraudulence and personal data theft when applying for online visa and cases of entry refusal on arrival when these types of online visas are applied through un-recognized websites with no connection to the Embassy. The Embassy cannot verify the validity of such visas and cannot provide assistance to travelers in case they are refused of entry while using these types of visas. In order to avoid any risk of personal data theft or losses through fraudulent use of credit/debit cards, travelers are strongly recommended not to provide personal information on untrusted websites.


* The Embassy reserves the right to request further information and documentation from applicants and to deny approval for any visa application without necessarily providing explanation for visa denial.


IV. Contact

Address: 1233 20th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington D.C., 20036.

Business hours: 9:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M and 02:00 P.M – 04:30 P.M from Monday through Friday. The Embassy is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and during Viet Nam and United States holidays.


* For more information, please contact the Consular Division of the Embassy:

- Telephone: (202) 999 6589 (text message/call); (202) 716 8666 (text message/call); (202) 999 6938 (text message/call).

- Fax: 202-861-0917; Email: