Vietnam GDP growth higher than expected

Ha Noi, Nov. 25 (VNA) -- Viet Nam has posted a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 6.7 percent against the target of between 5.5-6 percent set for this year and a rise of 15.5 percent in industrial production, from the goal of between 10.5-11 percent.

This unexpected increase resulted from proper investment over the past years, analysts said, explaining investment helped boost production of various economic sectors.

Foreign tourists come to Vietnam in increasing numbers

Ha Noi, Nov. 25 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's tourism industry is set to enjoy an increase of 17 percent in foreign arrivals to 2.5 million this year, and a 6 percent rise in domestic holiday-makers to 11 million.

Improved tourist services and state policies are expected to lift revenue to more than USD 1 billion this year, wrote Pham Tu, Deputy General Director of the Viet Nam Tourism Administration for Nhan Dan daily on Nov. 23.

Vietnam ranks third in straw mushroom exports

Ha Noi, Nov. 20 (VNA) -- Viet Nam exported 40,000 tonnes of straw mushrooms a year and became the world's third largest exporter.

Its largest market is Japan, which consumed 40 percent of the total export output. It was followed by Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, the United States and Thailand.

This year's gross production, estimated at 100,000 tonnes has failed to meet demand for domestic consumption and exports.

Viet Nam's tourism sector attracted 5 billion foreign investment

Ha Noi, Nov. 23 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's tourism sector has so far attracted 157 foreign-invested projects with a combined capital of more than USD 5 billion, according to the Tourism Administration.

Most of projects have set up hotel and travel services.

Japan has emerged as the biggest investor in the sector, with 20 hotel projects having a combined capital of USD 434 million. The runner-up is the Republic of Korea, with five projects capitalized at USD 192 million.

Vietnam improves investment environment

Ha Noi , Nov. 14 (VNA) - Viet Nam has always done its best to create a favourable environment for foreign investors and businessmen, President of the Japanese Business Association in Vietnam Otani Yasuo told a reporter from Nhan Dan newspaper in a recent interview.

Foreign investment of 608 million in 10 months


Ha Noi, Nov. 11 (VNA) -- Investment licenses were granted to 245 more foreign-invested projects capitalized at USD 608 million in the first ten months of this year, says the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Financial and Monetary Policies for Encouraging Investments


Viet Nam's fisheries sector in 10 months of this year

Ha Noi, NOv. 8 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's fisheries sector caught more than 1.73 million tonnes of aquatic products in the past ten months of this year, a 13 percent year-on-year increase, according to the Ministry of Fisheries.

Of the figure, nearly 1.16 million tonnes were sea products, a year-on-year increase of 12 percent, and 570,000 tonnes were cultivated aquatic produce, meeting 80 percent of the yearly plan due to adverse weather conditions in the Mekong delta and central provinces.

FPT to export software to US

(Nhan Dan Nov.7)--The Corporation for Financing & Promoting Technology (FPT) has launched a promotion campaign of software export to realise the FPT's development strategy until 2008.

Information technology development in Vietnam

Exact from writing of Mr.CHU HAO
Deputy Minister
of Science, Technology and Environment