International Virtual Private Network launched in Viet Nam

Viet Nam Telecom International (VTI) launched an International Virtual Private Network (I-VPN) service in Ho Chi Minh City on March 29.

The service will enable enterprises in Viet Nam to link to other facilities worldwide through local VNPT network.

Intel Starts Construction of $1 bln Vietnam Chip Facility

US chip giant Intel began building Wednesday its US$1 billion computer component facility in Ho Chi Minh City’s Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP). The chip assembly and testing plant is scheduled to start production in mid-2009.

It will be Intel’s largest global chip manufacturing facility and a model for its chip assembly and testing systems.

Intel received an amended license last November after scaling up investment from US$605 million to $1 billion.

Vietnam, Japan "Successfully" Concluded Bilateral Economic Partnership Talks

The first session of the talks on Vietnam-Japan bilateral economic partnership agreement (EPA) wrapped up in Tokyo, Japan, on 18 January after three-day sitting.

Vietnamese chief negotiator Deputy Foreign Minister Phan The Rue told a Vietnamese News Agency correspondent that the session was a success as both sides achieved their objectives.

Rue said that the two sides understood each other's proposals and agreed on an approach to the agreement, especially negotiation principles which will be the basis for the second session, scheduled to take place in Hanoi on 26 March.

Keen Interest from the US Parlays into Big Investment Dollars

US investment inflows in Vietnam reportedly reached US$4.4 billion to date, fuelled by a series of recent large-scale projects on the books, according to statistics from the ministry of planning and investment.

Foreign direct investment projects to November from the US are reportedly worth $2 billion, ministry statistics said.

The balance was sourced from the US firms based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vietnam National Assembly Ratifies Country’s WTO Membership

043.jpgThe Vietnamese legislature ratified Tuesday the country's accession protocol to the World Trade Organization by a massive vote, clearing the way for it to become the global trade body’s 150th member.
Vietnam's membership will take effect 30 days after the ratification – on December 28, that is – opening up foreign investment and trade in the region’s fastest-growing economy.

Vietnam - WTO's 150th Member

Vietnam was officially admitted to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) during a special meeting of the WTO General Council on November 7 in Geneva.  

Vietnam’s Roaring Economy Is Set for World Stage


The latest Asian economic tiger,...Vietnam has become the talk of investment bankers and investors across Asia.

Foreign businesses optimistic about Vietnam's investment potentials

Executives of foreign businesses are optimistic about Vietnam's investment potentials, said Jonathan Pincus, senior economist of United Nations Development Programme office in Vietnam.

The chief economist, has said this at a conference in Hanoi on October 17 held by the United Nations office in Vietnam, which aimed to launch the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)- prepared World Investment Report 2006, FDI from Developing and Transition Economies: Implications for Development.

Northern Catholics Solidarity Committee Boosts Operation Effectiveness

Municipal and provincial sub-committees for solidarity of Catholics need concrete and uniform instructions as well as favourable conditions to effectively boost patriotic movements among the Catholics.

The proposal was submitted by representatives of municipal and provincial Catholics in the north at their first conference in Hanoi on July 19.