Northern Catholics Solidarity Committee Boosts Operation Effectiveness

Municipal and provincial sub-committees for solidarity of Catholics need concrete and uniform instructions as well as favourable conditions to effectively boost patriotic movements among the Catholics.

The proposal was submitted by representatives of municipal and provincial Catholics in the north at their first conference in Hanoi on July 19.

At the meeting, the Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics (CSVC) asked its sub-committees in 12 northern cities and provinces to concentrate on improving operation effectiveness by strengthening organisational structure and staff at their grassroots chapters.

The CSVC urged its sub-committees to encourage Catholic followers to actively take part in the Fatherland Front's major movements, including a drive to create a new lifestyle in residential areas while harmonising their secular lives with the practice of faith.

CSVC sub-committees should work to bring into full play the role of Catholics in charitable activities as well as the fight against social evils.

On July 20, the CSVC Presidium and Secretariat continued to discuss preparations for the CSVC's fifth congress, which is to be convened late next year.

Source: VOV