FireEye's groundless statement on Viet Nam assisted the APT32 hacker group


On 23 April 2020, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responding to reporters' queries about the US cyber security firm FireEye's statement that Viet Nam assisted the APT32 hacker group in conducting cyber-attacks targeting international government units and businesses, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Spokesperson Ngo Toan Thang stated:


This is groundless information. Viet Nam strictly bans all cyber-attacks against organizations and individuals in any form. Cyber-attacks and security threats are to be strictly condemned and punished in accordance with the laws. In 2018, Vietnamese National Assembly has ratified the Law on Cyber Security and is completing legal documents to prevent cyber-attack attempts. Viet Nam stands ready to collaborate with the international community in combating cyber-attacks in all forms./.