Update by March 17 on Viet Nam’s entry restriction to cope with the spread of COVID-19


In order to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Viet Nam has decided on the following measures:


1. Viet Nam shall temporarily suspend the issuance of entry visas for foreigners in the next 30 days, starting from 00:00 Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (Vietnam local time).


2. From 00:00 Wednesday March 18, 2020, travelers to Viet Nam on visa exemption status or holding valid Certificates of Visa Exemption or visas granted to particular individuals (foreign experts, corporate managers, high-skilled workers) shall be requested to present a Certificate of COVID-19 Negative issued by a relevant authority and recognized by Viet Nam.


The above-mentioned measures ARE NOT APPLICABLE to passengers traveling to Viet Nam for DIPLOMATIC or OFFICIAL purposes.


3. All travelers to Viet Nam shall be requested to undertake medical examination and comply with relevant precaution and quarantine in accordance with current regulations of Viet Nam.


4. Apart from identified cases that must be put into quarantine centers at this point, travelers from the United States, European and ASEAN countries are subjected to be taken into quarantine centers. Other travelers will be requested  to self-quarantine and undertake medical surveillance and group quarantine at their places of residence and business premises in Vietnam./.