Viet Nam: US patient recovered from COVID-19  


On Feb 21, 2020, Mr. K.H. T. a 73-year-old COVID-19 patient coming from the US, has recovered and been discharged from a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam. T. is the 15th and also the most senior patient among the 16 cases confirmed infected by coronavirus across the country, who have all been successfully treated and released from medical institutions in Vietnam.


Earlier on Jan 16, T. arrived in Ho Chi Minh City after taking a flight from the US with a 2-hour layover at Wuhan airport in China. He started showing symptoms of coronavirus infection on Jan 27 and was immediately taken to quarantined medical treatment at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. He was confirmed free of all infections after almost 1 month of treatment in Vietnam./. (