Increasing consumption of US fruits to Viet Nam


According to the US and Vietnamese media, blueberries will be imported directly and distributed in many Vietnamese supermarkets from July, 2019.


This is the result of the agricultural trade cooperation between the two countries, in particular the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam which agreed to open the market for American blueberries from February 15, 2019.



Blueberries are fruits that Vietnamese people like because of their quality and nutritional value. With market potential, it is expected that blueberries export volume from the US to Vietnam will increase rapidly. According to Bryan Osland, President of Oregan State Blueberry Association, the state of Oregan is expected to export more than 1,000 tons of blueberries from here until the end of 2019 into Vietnamese market.


Along with blueberries, apples, pears and grapes, cherry fruits are also being used more and more by Vietnamese people. According to the press, cherry from the US is being imported by Vietnamese food importers in large quantities due to the season and reasonable prices.


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