Viet Nam - US Society President receives US guest


President of the Vietnam – US Society (VUS) Nguyen Tam Chien hosted a reception in Hanoi on March 19 for Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) of the US Vincent “B.J” Lawrence. 


Chien briefed the guests about people-to-people diplomacy activities of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations and the VUS and the humanitarian support programme between the two countries, especially the recovery from the consequences of war-era landmines, issues regarding Agent Orange/dioxin victims, and the search for remains of missing US servicemen in Vietnam. 


He reviewed important milestones in Vietnam – US diplomatic ties in peacetime, the role of the VUS and mass organisations in promoting bilateral ties. 


Lawrence, who is in Vietnam from March 18-22, said the visit affords him a chance to learn about Vietnam’s post-war recovery and development, the country and its people. 


In 1991, the VFW sent representatives to the delegations of the US Congressmen and ex-veterans to Vietnam to discuss the search for the US servicemen missing in action. 


It also sends delegations to Vietnam each year to learn about the country’s situation, the Vietnam – US relations, and especially dealing with the search for missing Vietnamese and US soldiers during the war.-VNA