Book on Vietnam-US relation, AO issue launched


On November 11, the book: “From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the US and Agent Orange” was launched during a roundtable discussion with the two authors – Le Ke Son and Charles R. Bailey in Washington DC. 



The event was held by the US Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on November 1 with Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Pham Quang Vinh, and Senior Adviser and Deputy Director of CSIS’s Southeast Asia Programme in attendance.


Le Ke Son used to serve as vice director general of the Vietnam Environmental Administration at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources while Charles R. Bailey is the former US Ford Foundation representative in Vietnam who headed the foundation’s Hanoi office from 1997 to 2007.


During the discussion, the two authors said the book is a result of their long-term study on a time when the two countries were going from enemies to partners and overcoming differences to resolve the impacts of Agent Orange/ Dioxin on human health and the environment.


The US’s efforts in helping Vietnam cope with the war’s aftermaths contributed to fostering bilateral ties and demonstrated a sense of humanity and morality, according to the authors.


In this book, two leading experts on Agent Orange and its aftermath also considered solutions to addressing the consequences of its use. They urged more comprehensive long-term efforts between the two countries, including an Agent Orange cleanup at Bien Hoa Airport and additional support to affected people in Vietnam.


Speaking at the event, Ambassador Vinh lauded the book and the US assistance over the past 19 years in supporting victims and a dioxin cleanup project at Da Nang Airport.


The dioxin cleanup project at Da Nang Airport is a symbol for the two nations’ cooperation in humanitarian issues and addressing war aftermaths, Vinh said. He also asked the US Government to soon launch the cleanup project at Bien Hoa Airport.-VNA