Brookings Institute: Viet Nam ranks first on health governance index


Viet Nam ranked first among 18 developing countries in Asia and Africa on the Health Governance Capacity Index, according to a study conducted by the Brookings Institute of the US.



Under the study, Viet Nam reached a total of 82 points for 25 indicators related to management capacity, regulatory processes, health infrastructure and financing, health systems and policy conditions. This indicates that Viet Nam has a strong ability to attract and leverage private investment in health research and development (R&D).


At a ceremony to publicize the study, US researchers and experts lauded Viet Nam’s efforts in policy-making as well as in public health management and recognized Viet Nam as a promising destination of medical investment.



Addressing the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Pham Quang Vinh praised the Brookings Institute’s study, saying that Viet Nam considers public health care a top priority.


Viet Nam is active in mobilizing resources and implementing works related to medical education and health care, while promoting international cooperation in health R&D, he said.



Viet Nam supports further international cooperation, including connections with the Government and private sector in the US, to expand its public health capacity, Vinh stressed, adding that the country will continue making it easier for foreign enterprises to invest in this field./.