"I Love Vietnam" program by Vietnamese students in US


On October 31, Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Washington DC and the Vietnamese Embassy in the US organized a cultural and sports program named "I Love Vietnam 2015". This is the second time the program has been held after the first time in 2014.



Speaking at the program, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Pham Quang Vinh appreciated the initiative to organize the program "I Love Vietnam" of the association and believed that the program needs to be held annually with larger scale to further strengthen solidarity among Vietnamese youth and students living and studying in the US as well as preserve and promote cultural values of the nation.


The Ambassador also hoped the Vietnamese youth and students in the US would achieved more success in work and study; regularly paying attention and supporting each other; and actively promoting the culture of Vietnam to international friends.



The program took place vibrantly with attractive sports matches, cultural, art and culinary programs prepared by Vietnamese youth, students and children living in Washington DC and neighbouring areas./.