Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang met with senior US officials

Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang held bilateral talks with senior US officials in Washington D.C. on March 17 as part of his ongoing working visit to enhance the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the US. 


During a meeting between the Minister and US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, the two sides agreed to elevate bilateral cooperation in security and internal affairs while deepening the two countries’ comprehensive partnership and maintaining the current coordination mechanism. 


They concurred to build a legal framework and hold negotiations towards the signing of cooperation agreements in convict extradition and transfer, money laundering prevention, and entrance and exit management. 


They also plan to share experience in the fields and collaborate to ensure security and safety for resident agencies, businesses, and citizens in the respective countries, as well as focusing efforts on preventing non-traditional security crimes, cross-border crime, intellectual poverty crime, high-tech crime, and human trafficking. 


In a separate talk between Minister Tran Dai Quang and Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of US Department of Justice Leslie Caldwell, the two sides agreed to review the outcomes of efforts by the two countries’ law enforcement and judicial agencies and map out cooperation strategies. 

They were unanimous in furthering multilateral cooperation in the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) and actively coordinating at international workshops, conferences, and forums on traditional and non-traditional security issues. 


Minister Tran Dai Quang also held talks with Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services; Senator Ronald Johnson, Chairman of the US Homeland Security; and Congressman Peter Welch. 


The Minister spoke highly of the American Congress’s contributions, propelling relations between the two countries forward, especially stipulating the permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) for Vietnam, partially remove arms embargo and financially supporting the country to address Agent Orange/Dioxin contamination and disarm bombs and mines. 


He said he hopes more US congressmen will continue backing the development of the two countries’ relations, supporting Vietnam in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement negotiations, and recognising the country’s market economy status, and increasing assistance to address the war aftermaths.-VNA