Amended Law on Vietnamese Nationality: more flexibility in retaining Vietnamese citizenship

VNA - Over 95 percent of National Assembly deputies on June 24, the last day of their seventh session in the 13 th tenure, approved the Law on amendments and supplements to the Law on Vietnamese Nationality. 
They also passed a resolution on the country’s joining of the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Aircraft Protocol and another on the National Assembly supervision programme for 2015. 
To help overseas Vietnamese keep a close bond with their families at home, the new Law on Vietnamese Nationality regulates on its article 13 that Vietnamese residing abroad, who have not yet lost Vietnamese nationality as prescribed by Vietnamese law before the effective date of this law still retain their Vietnamese nationality. 
Overseas Vietnamese who have not yet lost Vietnamese nationality and have no papers to prove their Vietnamese nationality should make registration with overseas Vietnamese representative missions to acquire Vietnamese nationality and have Vietnamese passport issued, it says. 
According to director of the National Assembly’s Law Committee Phan Trung Ly, these regulations aim to confirm the Party and State consistent policy towards overseas Vietnamese as prescribed in the Constitution and other articles of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality. 
Forming an inseparable part of the Vietnamese community, overseas Vietnamese are encouraged and assisted to maintain a close link with the homeland and contribute to national development, Ly said.