US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator welcomed in Vietnam

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc hosted a reception on April 15 for Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy, who is visiting Vietnam to learn about the impact of climate change on the country. 
At the meeting in Hanoi, Phuc affirmed that Vietnam always wishes to further its ties with the US for peace, stability and development of each nation, the region and the world as a whole. 
He praised contributions by the US, a member of the multilateral Lower Mekong Initiative forum, in narrowing the development gap and protecting the environment in Vietnam. He also thanked America for its assistance in overcoming the consequences of the war in Vietnam, especially in Agent Orange/dioxin related issues. 
The Deputy PM asked for more support in dealing with climate change and assessing heavy metal and environment pollution in Vietnam. 
He also expressed his hope that the US will create favourable conditions for Vietnamese officials to attend courses on environment management. 
McCarthy said that during her stay in Vietnam, she met Vietnamese partners to discuss deactivating bombs and mines left over from the war and solving the impact of dioxin. 
She confirmed that the US is willing to cooperate more extensively with Vietnam on these issues./.