US calls for peace and stability in East Sea

The US Department of State has issued a press statement, affirming the wish to maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. 

As a Pacific nation and resident power, the United States has a national interest in the maintenance of peace and stability, respect for international law, freedom of navigation, and unimpeded lawful commerce in the East Sea, said the statement released on August 3. 
“We do not take a position on competing territorial claims over land features and have no territorial ambitions in the East Sea; however, we believe that the nations of the region should work collaboratively and diplomatically to resolve disputes without coercion, without intimidation, without threats and without the use of force,” it said. 
The department said the US is concerned by the increase in tensions in the East Sea and is monitoring the situation closely. It cited recent developments such as coercive economic actions and China ’s upgrading of the administrative level of Sansha City and establishment of a new military garrison there covering disputed areas of the East Sea , which run counter to collaborative diplomatic efforts to resolve differences and risk further escalating tensions in the region. 
The department urged all parties to take steps to lower tensions in keeping with the spirit of the existing declarations as well as the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. 
The press release was issued following the US Senate’s adoption of a resolution on the East Sea situation. The S.Res.524 resolution calls upon concerned parties to restrain themselves and not carry out activities complicating the situation or increasing conflict possibilities./.