National Assembly to approve 13 bills at third session


The third session of the 13th National Assembly will open on May 21, and is expected to approve 13 draft laws and seven resolutions, and comment on six other bills.
This information was released by Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Head of the NA Office, at a press conference in Hanoi on May 17 on the contents of the NA third session. 
According to Phuc, the 13 draft laws to be adopted will be the Laws on Deposit Insurance, Money Laundering Prevention, Tertiary Education, Tobacco Harm Prevention, the Labour Code (amended), the Law on Pricing, the Trade Union Law (amended), the Justice Assessment Law, the Law on Legal Dissemination and Education, the Law on Handling of Administrative Violations, the Law on Advertising, the Law on Water Resources (amended) and the Law of the Sea of Vietnam.
Among the seven resolutions expected to be passed during the 25-day session will be a resolution on tax solutions aimed at removing difficulties for businesses and individuals in 2012 and a resolution on a project to continue modernising and improving the quality and efficiency of NA operations, he said.
The NA may consider a resolution on Q&A for approval, he added.
The legislative body will discuss reports from the NA Standing Committee and the Government, especially the NA Standing Committee reports on supervising the implementation of policies and laws on investment in agriculture, farmers and rural areas; and a master plan on economic restructuring in combination with changing the growth model.
During this session, the NA will also consider personnel issues.
The NA official said to prepare for the third session, the NA has applied some modernisation in the method of organising the session, especially in lawmaking. 
NA agencies, while assessing draft laws, have opened many online seminars to collect ideas from voters, including experts in all fields.-VNA