Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung received visiting member of US House of Representatives Robert Filner in Hanoi on Jan. 11.

(VNA) Dung hailed Robert Filner’s efforts in supporting Agent Orange victims as well as his close cooperation with Vietnamese associates in dealing with AO/dioxin consequences.

The PM also highly valued Filner and his colleagues’ endeavours to bring the issue of AO/dioxin to hearings at the US House of Representatives and Senate, thus helping the US Congress, government and people understand more about the impacts and consequences of AO/dioxin in Vietnam .

Despite difficulties, the Vietnamese Government has spent 45 million USD to support AO victims and clean up dioxin-contaminated areas, he added.

The PM said he hoped Robert Filner will continue his activities, to make the US congress and government adopt more responsibility for the consequences of the US war in Vietnam.

Robert Filner said he will do his best to do the task and expressed his belief that with the two countries’ goodwill, the Vietnam-US friendship and cooperation will develop further in future./.