Vietnamese contemporary fine arts exhibition opened in Washington D.C.

trienlam_tranh_9.2011.gif(VNA) A Vietnamese contemporary fine arts exhibition opened on Sept. 9 in Washington D.C. Among those present at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, hosted by the Arts Club of Washington, were Vietnam 's Ambassador to the US Nguyen Quoc Cuong and many members of the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington D.C.

On display are paintings by six Vietnamese, namely Dang Thao Ngoc, Dinh Thi Tham Poong, Phung Pham, Trinh Tuan, Vu Dinh Tuan and Vu Thu Hien, all living and working in Hanoi.

The paintings were made in 2010 when Hanoi turned 1,000 years old. They are part of the collection of more than 800 Vietnamese contemporary fine arts works of Raquelle Azran, an Israeli woman who is fond of Vietnamese arts.

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency's Washington D.C.-based correspondent, Azran said she wished to bring to American arts lovers the unique and diversified arts of Vietnam as well as to introduce to viewers the wonderful visions and people of Vietnam .

Previously, the exhibition took place in two other US cities, New York and Miami , and in Singapore , Israel , the Netherlands , the UK and Vietnam .

Azran said she loved Vietnam very much, especially Hanoi which is "one of my homes with others in New York and Tel Aviv".

Vietnamese artist Trinh Tuan expressed thanks to Azran, who, he said, loves Vietnamese arts and speaks Vietnamese well, for having brought many of Vietnamese artists and their works to international arts events.

Tom Frank, an American living in Virginia , said that the exhibits are "varied in style and technique" and "very impressive". Meanwhile, another visitor, Susan Niedenfuhr, member of the Arts Club of Washington, described the exhibits as "fascinating".

During the exhibition that runs until Sept. 24, Tuan will open a one-week course on lacquer painting./.