Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong at the New York’s workshop to promote US investment in Vietnam

A workshop themed, “Further promoting investment and trade in Vietnam ” took place on July 12 in the city of New York in the US .
The workshop was jointly organised by the US Chamber of Commerce and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).
Speaking at the opening, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US , Nguyen Quoc Cuong highlighted the role of foreign direct investment sources in Vietnam , including direct investment of US investors in the country over the past two decades, saying that the Vietnamese Government would continue to improve its macroeconomics status, control inflation, and adjust policies to promote direct investment from the US.
He added that Vietnam would also deploy action plans to support investment opportunities and trade activities in Vietnam, as well as organise forums to help the two countries’ investors share information and seek new partners and cooperative opportunities.
Carmela Mammas from the US Department of Commerce recognised the recent dynamism, potential and strong growth of Vietnam ’s economy. She introduced current business opportunities in Vietnam , calling on US investors to take advantage of the opportunities in the Southeast Asian country.