Vietnam Post And Telecommunications Group Be Established

The Prime Minister, on Jan. 9, issued a Decision on establishing a Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT).

The Group, with its headquarters in Ha Noi, was set up from a structural rearrangement of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Corporation, the Interprovincial Telecommunication Company, the International Telecommunication Company and a part of the Financial Post Company.

A State-owned company, the Group takes over the legal rights, duties and interests of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Corporation.

The group is active in various areas, including financial investment and capital trading both in Viet Nam and abroad, and services such as telecommunications, communications, advertisement and real estate.

It also provides consulting services, designs and conducts telecommunication and information technology projects, and produces and supplies telecommunications and information technologies devices.

The Group’s board of directors has nine members, appointed by the Prime Minister.-Enditem

Source: VNA