Vietnam Tests More Locally-made Light Planes

maybayluongdung_221.jpgTwo Vietnam-made amphibious light planes underwent successful test flights in South Vietnam on August 3-5.

The planes are the enhanced version of a light plane – actually Vietnam’s second locally-manufactured plane – which was tested last December, said the producers, technicians of the Vietnam Air Defense-Air Force.

The planes, known as VNS-41, are about 7m long and 2.5m high with a maximum take-off weight of 780kg. Each can carry two or three people and reach a maximum range of 300km and maximum height of 3000m above sea level.

They have a cruising speed of 100-135km per hour while the maximum speed is 140-160km per hour.

Technicians began developing the VNS-41 in June 2003 for use in forest patrols and search and rescue operations.

Vietnam’s first super light airplane, the VAM-1, also enjoyed a successful test flight in September 2003.

The 6.4m long plane was developed by the Vietnam Mechanics Association and can fly at 140km per hour at 3,000m.

VAM-1 weighs 150kg, spans 9.7m and has a loading capacity of 400kg, with maximum fuel consumption running at 20 liters per hour.

(Source: Sai Gon Giai Phong – Compiled by The Vinh)
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Published: 09 August, 2005, 21:02:53 (GMT+7)
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