U.S. Consortium Gets Nod for HCMC Waste-to-Energy Plant

The U.S. Entropic Consortium has been given approval to commercialize a 300 million-USD waste-to-energy facility in Ho Chi Minh City, the Business Wire reported Thursday.

The consortium concluded its final negotiations this week after a major presentation to government officials. The approval is subject to a final design, technology and administrative review by the HCMC Environmental Protection Agency.

The planned 200MW waste-to-energy plant will process about 6,000 tons of municipal and other waste daily and will include adjacent farming and other high-profit businesses.

The Entropic process will be able to handle and reuse HCMC's municipal solid waste and sewage treatment plant sludge wastes as well as certain hazardous wastes.

Entropic's patented technology produces a clean-burning byproduct from the widest variety of processed waste.

"This new technology brings benefits for both the environment and economy. I support this kind of factory in Vietnam," said Nguyen Dinh Tuan, chief of the Environmental Protection Agency in HCMC’s Natural Resources and Environmental Department.

The Entropic Consortium includes Digital Energy & Farming Asia, a subsidiary of Digital Gas, and Stone & Webster, a subsidiary of the Shaw Group.

(Source: Business Wire, VNS – Compiled by The Vinh)
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Published: 22 July, 2005, 13:36:15 (GMT+7)
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