FM on treaties of demarcation of Tokin Gulf and Fishery in TG


Radio Voice of Vietnam: Please provide your assessment on the Treaties on the Demarcation of the Tonkin Gulf and Fishery Cooperation in the Tonkin Gulf which were signed in Beijing during State President Tran Duc Luong's official friendship visit to China?


Demarcating the Tonkin Gulf is an objective need and was stated clearly by both sides in the 1993 agreement on fundamental principles governing the settlement of territorial border issues between the two countries. Since 1993, the two countries have held negotiations on the demarcation of the Tonkin Gulf in order to complete demarcating the Gulf by the end of 2000 as agreed.

During negotiations, both sides based themselves on the International Convention on the 1982 Law of the Sea, on provisions of widely recognized international law and practices, taking into account their respective circumstances in the Tonkin Gulf so as to conduct negotiations in a friendly manner. The reached solution is fair and satisfactory for both sides, meeting the two countries' interests and aspirations and it will contribute to strengthening their bilateral friendly cooperative relations. The treaty has demarcated concurrently the territorial waters, the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf in the Gulf.

With regard to the Treaty on Fishery Cooperation in the Tonkin Gulf, after 6 rounds of negotiations (from April to December 2000), on 25 December 2000, the two sides signed a treaty on fishery cooperation between Vietnam and China in the Tonkin Gulf. The basic content of this treaty includes provisions on the establishment of joint fishing areas in the Tonkin Gulf where both sides shall cooperate to preserve and develop fishery resources in a sustainable manner; and provisions on fishery cooperation, scientific research on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, and in accordance with relevant provisions set by the UN Convention on the 1982 Law of the Sea and international practices.