Vietnamese President's visit to China is successful

Ha Noi, Dec. 27 (VNA) -- Vietnamese President Tran Duc Luong's official visit to China has been a success, Assistant to the Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi said in an interview with the Viet Nam News Agency (VNA) correspondent in Beijing on Dec. 26.

He said the visit took place at a time when the new millennium is approaching and at the turn of a new century. It also occured at a time when ties between the Parties and States of China and Viet Nam witnessed a new trend of development.

The visit was an important one as it marked an inheritance of the past and also an opening of the future, Wang Yi stressed, saying the prominent results of the visit were summarised as follows :

First, the two sides issued a joint statement for bilateral comprehensive cooperation in the new century. The statement was an important guideline for accelerating closer cooperative ties between China and Viet Nam from now on.

Second, they signed agreements on the demarcation of waters in the Bac Bo (Tonkin) Gulf and fishing cooperation in the Bac Bo Gulf. This helped not only solve problems which had long existed in their ties, but also deepen mutual understanding and bilateral relations.

Third, through summit meetings and talks, both sides shared views on a wide range of important issues. They were of the view that facing the changes in the world situation at present, the two countries should be active in accelerating a multipolarization process, while encountering challenges arising from globalization and joining hands in safeguarding the interests of developing countries and boosting regional cooperation.

Fourth, they had wide exchanges and reached consensus on important measures to deepen China-Viet Nam commercial ties. The two countries also expanded their bilateral cooperation to new areas. For instance, they signed an important agreement on cooperation in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purpose.

Asked to comment on the prospects of Viet Nam-China cooperation, Wang Yi said he was very optimistic about the future development of China- Viet Nam ties.

Politically, both were socialist countries and persistently maintained the communist Party leadership. Both followed the policies of reforms and openness and building socialism based on their own characteristics, he said.

These common things formed the firm political ground for healthy and vigorous growth of their bilateral ties in the future, he emphasized.

Economically, both were developing countries with a relatively rapid rate of economic growth. At the same time, each had its own economic potential which could supplement the other. In the last two years, especially the year 2000, two-way trade between China and Viet Nam registered strong growth with trade value totalling USD 2 billion this year. This indicated that both countries had full capabilities and potential to expand their bilateral economic ties, he said.--VNA