Vietnam, China sign Joint Statement for comprehensive cooperation

Dec. 25 (VNA) -- Viet Nam and China signed a joint statement for comprehensive cooperation in the new century in Beijing today, Dec. 25.

Signatories were Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien for Viet Nam and Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan for the China.

The joint statement, signed during the five-day visit to China by Viet Nam's President Tran Duc Luong, says:

The signatories reaffirm that they will follow the five principles for peaceful co-existance based on the United Nations Charter and the principles for international relations which have been mutually recognized, to boost eomprehensive bilateral development.

The Communist Party of Viet Nam, CPV, and the Communist Party of China, CPC, will continue to develop their friendship and cooperation based on the principles of independence, sovereignty, equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs.

To effectively realise the guiding motto "Neighbourly friendship, comprehensive cooperation, long-term stability and future-oriented thinking and so as to develop the bilateral relationship to a new height in the 21st century, Viet Nam and China have agreed to strengthen and broaden their cooperation in many fields.

They have agreed that the signing of "the Treaty on the Land Border between the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (SRV) and the People's Republic of China" (PRC), "the Agreement on the Demarcation of Waters, Exclusive Economic Zones and Continental Shelves in the Bac Bo (Tokin) Gulf between the SRV and the PRC", and "the Agreement on Fishing Cooperation in the Bac Bo Gulf between the SRV and the PRC" have historic meaning as they will help boost the neighbourly friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the two nations .

Viet Nam and China reaffirmed that they would continue with the existing mechanism for sea-related issues, insisting on peaceful negotiation that seek a basic and long-lasting solution acceptable to both.

In the spirit of "settling the easy first and the difficult later", both should actively discuss possible cooperation in such areas as the preservation of maritime environment, hydro-meteorology and natural disaster prevention.

Simultaneouly they should not take any action that could widen disputes, nor should they use or threaten to use force. Both should discuss immediately and resolve properly in a calm and constructive manner any disputes that might happen so as to prevent such disputes from causing a negative impact on the normal development of bilateral ties.

Both reiterated their common view as defined in the joint Viet Nam-China communiques of Nov. 10, 1991; Nov. 22, 1994; and Dec. 2, 1995 and the Feb. 27, 1999 joint Viet Nam-China statement.

Viet Nam affirms its policy of one China and recognizes that the Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government of all China. Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.

Viet Nam has established non-governmental economic and commercial relations only with Taiwan and has not developed government relations with Taiwan. China welcomed Viet Nam's stand. It affirmed that the Taiwan issue is entirely an internal affair of China and China strongly opposes governmental relations with Taiwan in any form by those countries that have established diplomatic relations with China.--VNA