Regulation on publication of creative works abroad

Ha Noi, Dec. 7 (VNA) -- The Vietnamese Government has issued a regulation of creative works to be announced and publicized abroad and encouraging the expansion of cultural exchanges between Viet Nam and other countries.

The regulation, or Decree 72/2000, says that organizations and individuals, who are owners of works or empowered works, have the right to announce and publicize these overseas as envisaged in the Decree while the State protects copyright, according to the Copyright Law, and has responsibility for the content of works as stipulated in Article 5 of the Decree.

The regulation says the works to be announced and publicized abroad include writings, lectures, speeches, theatrical works, architecture, music, plastic and applied art, media and photos, etc., which are composed either as shows, exhibitions, printed, broadcast and published or any other public exposition.

Works to be banned comprise those with content against the State of Viet Nam and which damage the people's solidarity, disseminate violence and war, cultivate resentment between nations and peoples, reactionary culture and ideology, depraved lifestyles and bad practices, crime, social evils and superstition, undermine traditional customs and practices, disclose Party and State's secrets as well as military, security, economic and external affairs secrets and any other secrets envisaged by law.

The regulation, which will be effective 15 days from signing, also stipulates jurisdiction, application procedures, the State's management of the regulation and punishment for infringements.--