President Tran Duc Luong winds up China visit

Dec. 29 (VNA) -- President Tran Duc Luong has described his China visit as the successful materialisation of agreements signed by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam (CPV), Le Kha Phieu, and General Secretary of the Communist Party and President of China, Jiang Zemin, in February 1999.

President Luong was speaking before leaving Xiamen, Fujian Province, this afternoon (Dec. 29), to end his five-day official visit to China.

The President and his entourage arrived on Dec. 25 in Beijing where he held talks with the Chinese President and worked with other leaders.

He also visited Shanghai where he called at several production establishments and places of interests.

President said: "The Treaty on the Land Border between the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (SRV) and the People's Republic of China" (PRC), signed in December 1999; and the "Agreement on the Demarcation of Waters, Exclusive Economic Zones and Continental Shelves in the Bac Bo (Tonkin) Gulf between the SRV and the PRC" and the "Agreement on Fishing Cooperation in the Bac Bo Gulf between the SRV and the RPC" signed during this visit had historic meaning, which would help promote mutual confidence and understanding between the two peoples, and boost neighbourly friendhip and comprehensive cooperation between the two nations in the new century.

In their meetings with President Luong, all senior Chinese officials expressed the wish for China and Viet Nam to further promote cooperation and mutual help in economy, investment, commerce, science and technology, and tourism, especially in agriculture and exploitation of aquatic products.

The President emphasized that in the context of complicated international and regional developments, to strengthen and accelerate relations between Viet Nam and China was of great importance to the national construction and development of both countries, commensurate with the interest of the two peoples and a major contribution to the trend to peace, stability and cooperation in the region and the world.--VNA