Export turnover of 14,3 billion USD in 2000

Ha Noi, Dec. 27 (VNA) -- Viet Nam earned record export turnover of USD 14.3 billion in 2000, a year-on-year increase of 24 percent.

Foreign-invested enterprises produced almost half of the turnover, more than USD 6.9 billion, including USD 3.58 billion from exports of crude oil. Domestically-invested enterprises earned USD 7.4 billion from exports.

Recording higher year-on-year growth rates were vegetables and fruits with turnover of USD 205 million (up 95.2 percent); crude oils with turnover of USD 3.58 billion (up 71.2 percent); maritime products, with turnover of USD 1.48 billion (up 52 percent); and fine art and handicrafts with turnover of USD 235 million (up 40 percent).

Such key export items as textiles and garments, footwear and maritime products all earned more than USD 1 billion from exports - USD 1.8 billion (up 3.7 percent year on year), USD 1.4 billion (up 0.7 percent year-on-year), and USD 1.48 billion (up 52 percent year on year), respectively.

The country exported more than 3.5 million tonnes of rice this year, earning about USD 670 million, representing 77.6 percent of last year's volume but only 67 percent of turnover.

Coffee also suffered major losses with volume increasing by 44 percent to 700,000 tonnes but turnover decreasing by 7 percent to USD 485 million.

Import turnover was valued at USD 15.2 billion, increasing by 30.8 percent from 1999. Using much hard currency were machinery, equipment and spare parts worth nearly USD 2.5 billion; oil and gas, USD 2 billion; and materials for the textile-garment, and leather industries, USD 1.3 billion. Imports of motorbike components increased sharply (77 percent) with nearly 1.6 million sets valued at USD 700 million brought into the country. Meanwhile insecticide and fertilizer imports saw decreases.

The trade deficit for 2000 was USD 892 million, which represents 6.2 percent of export turnover. The trade deficit of the domestically-invested sector was large, USD 3.45 billion compared to USD 2.5 billion by the foreign-invested sector.--VNA