Donors indicates US 2,4 billion for Vietnam

Ha Noi, Dec. 15 (VNA) -- Donor countries and international organizations have indicated about USD 2.4 billion for Viet Nam's poverty reduction and development agenda.
The figure was included in a paper issued at the closing session of the Consultative Group Meeting for Viet Nam in Ha Noi on Dec. 15.

During the two-day meeting, delegates focused their discussions on long-term issues crucial to Viet Nam's future, especially the role of the State in an emerging market economy; the need to strengthen the role of the private sector, governance issues, legal system development, administrative reform and measures to fight corruption.

They also discussed the high priorities given by the Vietnamese Government to poverty reduction, agriculture and rural development, education and training, health care and infrastructure.

In particular, delegates were keen on discussing Viet Nam's environmental issues.

They expressed support for the reforms in 2000 adopted by the Vietnamese Government, especially the implementation of the Enterprise Law and the Grassroots Democracy Decree.

Delegates noted that the doubling of the size of Viet Nam's economy envisaged over the next decade would need to be accompanied by a shift in structure of the economy.

They also agreed that the shift envisaged in the Government's strategy, where agriculture continues to decline in importance while industry becomes a key driver, was appropriate.--VNA


Ha Noi, Dec. 15 (VNA) -- The Vietnamese Government highly appreciated the assistance international donors gave to Viet Nam, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, said in Ha Noi on Dec. 15.
The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation during a meeting with delegations to the Consultiative Group Meeting for Viet Nam held in Ha Noi on Dec. 14 and 15.

He said that Viet Nam had received USD 17 billion from international donors through their eight meetings.

As a result, Viet Nam had seen positive changes in infrastructure, education and health care. The development gap between rural and urban areas has been narrowed and the living standards of the Vietnamese people have been improved.

The Prime Minister thanked donors for their successful organization of this year's meeting in Viet Nam.

He said he hoped that with the coming credit support from international donors and efforts of the entire nation, Viet Nam would successfully fulfil socio-economic development targets set for the next ten years, including doubling GDP by 2010.

After identifying weaknesses in the Vietnamese economy, the Prime Minister said that he wished the donors to continue their assistance and fine sentiments towards Viet Nam to help the country effectively implement its national industrialization and modernization.--VNA