Vietnamese software company plans for future in USA

Ha Noi, Nov. 26 (VNA) -- The Financing and Promoting Technology Corporation (FPT) of Viet Nam plans to reap USD 5 million from exporting its software to the US in 2002, and USD 100 million in 2005.

In the meantime, FPT also plans to export its software to Europe and Japan, hopefully earning USD 50 million from each market.

Founded in 1988, FPT has gradually become the largest technology group in Viet Nam through its respected management and technological initiatives. In 1994, FPT became the first business partner of U.S. computer giant IBM. In 1997, it was the first company awarded ICP and ISP licences when Viet Nam hooked up to the global network. FPT has been named the "most admired computer company" in nation-wide surveys conducted by PC World Viet Nam. The company aims to become a global player in software outsourcing businesses and already has offices in Silicon Valley and Bangalore. With its popular website and workforce of several hundreds people, FPT is a reliable technological partner for local businesses seeking international trade opportunities created by MeetVietnam, an e-commerce joint venture between FPT and a U.S. firm, as well as for U.S. businesses seeking high-quality and competitively-priced IT services.

FPT gained USD 300,000 from software exports in the first 11 months of this year.--VNA