Vietnam supports increase in membership of UN Security Council

Nov. 17 (VNA) -- Viet Nam strongly supports the increase in both permanent and non-permanent categories of the membership of the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Chau, Vietnamese Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has said.

Mr. Chau expressed Viet Nam's support for the reform and expansion of the Security Council at the 55th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on Nov. 16.

He said: "Item 59 on: 'Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters' is an important item on the Agenda of the General Assembly of the United Nations at this Millennium Session. After six consecutive years considering this question, we have now arrived at a very crucial juncture. In fact, the General Assembly today should heed the earnest call to action made by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan when he sent his Millennium Report to this august body last March. In the Millennium Declaration, the Heads of State and Governments also called for intensified efforts to achieve a comprehensive reform of the Security Council. Our Delegation firmly believes that the settlement of this question will be a major achievement in our follow-up efforts to realize the Millennium Declaration."

On Viet Nam's stance to the UN reform and expansion of the Security Council, Ambassador Chau said:

"The reform of the Security Council must ensure that the Council will be more representative and accountable and its work more transparent and more legitimate. Viet Nam strongly supports the increase in both permanent and non-permanent categories of the membership of the Council. In our opinion, an expanded council of about 24 members can ensure that the Council works effectively and legitimately. Developing countries must be represented appropriately and can participate fully in the Council's decisions on important matters of world peace and security."

He continued to say:

"As regards the increase in the permanent membership, the general package to be agreed upon should ensure that developing countries from the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Latin America be represented; and it may also take into account the inclusion of some developing countries and certain developed countries such as India, Japan, Germany..., which can play a significant role and have made major financial and material contributions to the United Nations.

"On the veto issue, Viet Nam fully supports the position of the Non-Aligned countries that measures should be taken to curtail the application of this power as interim steps. Until it is finally eliminated, the veto power should be used only to deal with matters that may fall under provisions of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter."

"Now, more than ever before, the United Nations must ensure that it can assert its ability to reform itself and move forward with tangible steps in this regard," Ambassador Chau stressed.--