Vietnam creates favorable environment for human rights

Ha Noi, Oct. 31 (VNA) -- Nguyen Thanh Ha, Representative of Viet Nam at the Third Committee on human rights issues delivered a statement at its session in New York on Oct. 30, 2000.

She said: "With the elaboration and adoption of the set of core legal international instruments on human rights, we have laid out a significant normative foundation for the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms. We call on all Member States to continue to strive for universal ratification and further implementation of these legal instruments. We realize that the United Nations need to strengthen the treaty bodies, not only through providing them with more resources, but also by undertaking reforms to ensure equitable geographical representation in their composition and improve their methods of work.

Human rights is inseparable from peace, democracy and development, which means we should not allow ourselves to place unequal emphasis on any of the four parameters. In this context, we share the view that development is not only a fundamental human right of each individual, each community and each nation, but also a process in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be realized and which contributes to peace and democracy.

Viet Nam has become party to most of the core international human rights treaties and is considering to accede to the rest of them. To the best of its capacity, Viet Nam has implemented its obligations under these treaties through legislative, administrative, juridical and educative measures. By mobilizing the participation of all Vietnamese people, including those permanently residing abroad, as well as encouraging international and regional cooperation, in its endeavours for a strong nation, wealthy people and a just and civilized society, the Vietnamese Government has created an increasingly favorable environment for its people's enjoyment and realization of all their human rights and fundamental freedoms."